Explore All the Procedures Nouvelle Medical Offers for Your Ideal Physique!


Experience the ultimate transformation and bid farewell to stubborn arm fat forever as you embark on a journey towards attaining lean, toned arms of your dreams.

Abs & Flanks

A more sculpted and well-defined core with our revolutionary procedure, promises to instantaneously eliminate those stubborn inches of belly fat, love handles, and muffin tops that have been impeding your progress

Brazilian Butt Lift

Precise targeting and cellular extraction, this revolutionary technique promises not only enhanced aesthetics but also improved skin tone and a sculpted posterior.

Breast Lifts

Experience the incredible transformation as excess fat is skillfully extracted from one area of your body and artfully transferred into your natural breast tissue, resulting in a natural and firm increase of one cup size!

Back & Wings

Bid farewell to unwanted back fat with the industry leaders in premium body sculpting techniques.

Lower Belly

Nouvelle Medical offers a remarkable solution for targeting and eliminating stubborn fat in the most challenging areas, surpassing the results achievable through any diet or exercise regimen.

Man Boobs

NAttain a more masculine physique and eliminate undesirable fat deposits without the need for surgical procedures, needles, or scarring.

Mommy Makeover

Appear more attractive than ever before, surpassing your pre-pregnancy glow.

Neck & Chin

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving a permanent elimination of your double chin, proven to be highly effective.

Fat Transfers

Experience natural enhancement of your buttocks and breasts as you sculpt their size, shape, and texture. needles.


Attain slimmer & beautifully sculpted thighs in a single session, completely free from surgical procedures.
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