Stem Cell Banking

A simple way to optimize your health and prepare for the future. 

Unleash The Power Of Your Own Body

The tissues of your own body are loaded with
stem cells to help repair and maintain your health. Now, we have a simple way to collect, grow, and save these cells for whenever you need them. In a simple 30-minute office procedure performed under local anesthesia, your healthcare provider will sample some fat from your back or another suitable site and rush the tissue to the lab, where we will isolate your stem cells and grow them in the lab.

Your valuable stem cells are then cryopreserved and banked until you need them. As a result, you have an unlimited supply of stem cells for whenever you or your family need them.



FDA Compliant

Proven Quality

Stem Cells

As the ‘Building Blocks of Life’, stem cells have the ability to transform into other types of cells, regenerate and renew themselves, and replace damaged cells with healthy ones.


The unique qualities and ability of stem cells
to build, rebuild, and repair make them a powerhouse of possibility.

Stem Cell Transplants

Once your cells are banked, you can use them not only for yourself but also for the potential for using your cells on 1st- and 2nd-degree relatives, which opens unlimited possibilities.

Stem cell transplants have a 30-year history of life-saving use, and they continue to be studied in clinical trials for potential new uses.

Mesenchyymal Stem Cell

Your fat is loaded with Mesenchymal Stem cells
(MSCs) which can form bone, cartilage, and tissue cells and which are highly anti-inflammatory.

MSCs have some essential characteristics that make them preferred candidates for regenerative medicine.

Why Do Patients Choose L2 BIO?

Our Processing & Storage Lab uses the latest technology and is fully compliant with all FDA, Federal, and State regulations.

  • Operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • FDA registered
  • Trusted by hundreds of families
  • Uses the same freezers as major research institutions like
    the National Institutes of Health
  • Storage tanks housed in a secure storage vault
    24/7 sample monitoring

Banking With Confidence


We use the latest innovation in stem cell storage – cell preservation to ensure your utmost safety.

Proven Quality

Hundreds of L2 Bio patients have used their cells in treatment.


You can bank on L2 Bio to provide you with prompt and courteous service whenever you need us.

FDA Compliant

The FDA has audited our lab facility, and it fully complies with all regulatory requirements.

Our Tissue Banking Service

We understand banking your tissue is an investment in your family’s future. That’s why we invested in a processing technology that delivers more value for families.

Here’s How: 

  • ONE CELL TYPE: We isolate and grow mesenchymal stem cells that are not adulterated or contaminated by other cells or extraneous materials.
  • NATURAL PROCESS: We use no preservatives or chemicals to free our cells from thimerosal and DMSO. We grow your cells naturally and do not use bioreactors to force the process.
  • READY FOR USE: Cells are processed, characterized (required by treating physicians), and stored in vials of 10 million cells ready for use on demand. Clinical use requires cells, not tissue.

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